Finning donates defibrillators to employees’ chosen charities

Finning donates defibrillators to employees’ chosen charities

Finning has donated 23 defibrillators to charities and organisations chosen by its staff as it renewed its current provision.

In support of its commitment to sustainability and reusing equipment where possible, the firm asked employers to nominate organisations where the life saving devices could support those groups most at risk. 

With a lifespan of two to four years remaining on many of the current defibrillators, the company wanted to donate the medical equipment to worthy causes that would otherwise struggle to meet the cost.  

As an inclusive and safe employer, Finning, the world’s largest dealer of Cat® equipment, parts and service, has the devices located at all of its facilities across the UK and Ireland. 

To enable as many defibrillators as possible to be donated, Finning ensured all had new pads fitted and that the batteries were in full working order. 

Defibrillators are essential first-aid equipment that can save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. If someone goes into cardiac arrest a defibrillator can save their life by delivering a high energy shock to the heart.

Finning has donated 23 defibrillators to charities and organisations chosen by its staff as it renewed its current provision.
Jordan Terry, Finning New Machine Preparation Engineer, presenting a defibrillator to Pilot Officer Jack Evitts 1046 (Fordhouses) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets based in Wolverhampton.

Keith Oakes, Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality at Finning, said: “Finning is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment to work in. Defibrillators are a proven life-saving device and can make all the difference in the event of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. Finning has defibrillators at all of its facilities to ensure the safety of our workforce.

“Being aware of people in at risk groups, especially young people, and as part of our sustainability strategy on reusing, reallocating or repurposing equipment where possible, we wanted to make the defibrillators we were replacing available to worthy causes, such as local community groups, scouts, guides and football teams. Groups that rely upon members’ contributions and charity donations. 

“Finning colleagues were invited to request a defibrillator for their chosen group and, as a result, we have received 23 requests from local community groups.”

All of the defibrillators donated have a life span of two to four years, and defibshop, which supplied the new units, have replaced four of the batteries for the donated units free of charge to support the initiative. 

Kerry Fairhurst, Head of Marketing at defibshop, said “Finning are a company who truly put best practise into action with their provision of defibrillators so updating their current units and donating the replaced devices to nominated charities really helps get these devices out to communities where they otherwise may not be. 

“The only treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is immediate intervention with CPR and shock from a defibrillator, preferably within 3-5 minutes. With every minute that goes past, survival rate decreases by 10%. Finning are giving the opportunity for so many more people to help save lives. We applaud and support that.”

Header image: Crigglestone All Blacks ARLFC Under 14s received one of the defibrillators from Finning.  

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