Plant and Hire Aid Alliance dispatch generators to Ukraine

Plant and Hire Aid Alliance dispatch generators to Ukraine

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance has dispatched its latest donation of generators to Ukraine. The consignment was not a moment too soon, as Russia stepped up its bombing across the country, once again targeting the country’s power supply infrastructure.

Intense bombardment
Ukraine suffered yet another intense bombardment overnight on Wednesday 8th March. More than 80 Russian missiles were launched at towns and cities across the country, most targeting power stations and supply lines. This will only make the situation worse, as Ukrainians struggle to survive on just a few hours of electricity a day, with overnight temperatures that are rarely above freezing.

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, described the Russian tactics of targeting non-military sites as ‘miserable’, saying that the strategy was designed to ‘intimidate Ukrainians and terrorise civilians’.

Help is on its way
Even as the attacks were being launched, the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance was also setting off to Ukraine. A 40ft articulated lorry left the UK on Wednesday evening, carrying a 100kVA generator and automatic transfer switches to power the central hospital in Oleksandriia. This was funded by the moving Concert of Warmth and Light held at Bath Abbey on the first anniversary of the war.

The lorry also carried five generators from MV Kelly, two generators from Tamdown and a further generator which was kindly donated by a member of the public. It also carried 1,200L of oil for the generators donated by Rock Oil.

A long way to go
While we may be approaching the end of harshest winter weather, there is still a long way to go for the people of Ukraine. Generators are still desperately needed to provide the basics of heat, light and power for the homes and shelters of ordinary people. Hospitals, schools and other services are also in dire need of electricity to deliver their vital care.

“The latest wave of bombings vividly demonstrate that the war is far from over,” said Jeremy Fish, CEO of Ardent and founder of the Alliance. “As more and more of Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure is destroyed, these generators can literally mean the difference between life and death.”

How you can help
As Russia sends more missiles, the Aid Alliance is working hard to send more generators. It costs just £270 to provide heat, light and power for a Ukrainian family – that’s only £216 with Gift Aid. Every donation helps, no matter how large or small, so please give whatever you can.

To make a donation, visit the Just Giving page. The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance is run entirely by volunteers, so every penny will fund generators to be sent directly from the factory to those in desperate need. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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