GAP changing the culture around mental health

GAP changing the culture around mental health

In May 2018, GAP Hire Solutions launched its Mental Health Awareness Initiative to coincide with its commitment to its employees and their wellbeing. GAP’s Think Safe campaign shows how important health and safety is to GAP and dealing with mental health and raising awareness plays a big part in this.

Mental health affects many people’s lives today, directly or indirectly, at work and/or at home. According to statistics, within the UK construction industry alone, 526,000 workers are suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety. The increase in awareness of mental health is considerably helping people get the support they need.

With this in mind, the GAP Board agreed to invest more time and money in raising mental health awareness and support mechanisms across the Group. Due to the close working relationship between GAP and The Lighthouse Club, a charity that provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, all members of GAP’s Senior Management Team completed mental health workshops. Every Scottish-based General Manager, Team Leader and Department Manager at GAP’s Head Office also completed these sessions. These sessions will be rolled out during 2019 to all Managers throughout the UK.

GAP mental healthSince the launch of its Mental Health Awareness Initiative, GAP has partnered with The Lighthouse Club to promote the Construction Industry Helpline to all staff – a confidential 24/7 helpline which offers a free assistance programme for all construction workers and their families seeking support in the UK and Ireland. Every staff member was given the helpline card and promotional posters have been displayed in all depots and throughout Head Office.

GAP’s Charitable Foundation, GAP Giving, has so far supported and donated a total of £7,065 to a number of mental health charities since April 2018. This includes a donation of £1,200 following our annual Head Office Christmas raffle to the Glasgow Association for Mental Health, an independent charity based in Scotland. Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of people and their communities, it provides more than 2,000 hours of community based support every week to people in Glasgow.

GAP’s Head of HR Catriona Dunning said: “GAP’s Mental Health Initiative aims to give mental health the same attention that has traditionally been given to physical health; removing the stigma surrounding the issue and encouraging workers to think about their mental wellbeing. We recognise this area is imperative and since the launch of the campaign, momentum continues to build around the issue of mental health in our sector.”

You can contact or find out more information about the charities mentioned here:
The Lighthouse Club – | 0345 609 1956
The Construction Industry Helpline – | 0345 605 1956
The Glasgow Association for Mental Health – | 0141 552 5592

For more information on suicide prevention helplines, visit the NHS website here.

GAP mental health

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