GGR Group Launches Used Mini Cranes Website

GGR Group Launches Used Mini Cranes Website

Leading lifting solutions specialists, GGR Group, has announced the launch of their new website, which is dedicated to the sale of used mini cranes in the lifting industry.

The new brand, Used Mini Cranes, will sit alongside GGR’s existing brands, GGR Group, UNIC Cranes Europe and GGR Glass.

The addition of the Used Mini Cranes site helps meet the sustained demand for high quality used mini cranes, crawler cranes, pick and carry cranes and trailer cranes within the industry. The company is set to add used glazing robots and vacuum lifters to the listings over the coming months.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group said “The launch of our new brand and website, comes at a time when the demand for used mini cranes is higher than ever. Following its launch we have already seen several sales of some of our most popular machines including the UNIC URW-706 and the world’s largest capacity spider, the UNIC URW-1006.

The opening of our new multi-million-pound HQ earlier in the year provides much needed space and storage for the used machines and enables us to meet the demand quicker than ever before.”

The website was introduced by GGR’s in-house marketing team and was developed over the course of three months. The new site allows customers to search by manufacturer, crane type, fuel type and year of production.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Marketing Manager said “This has been a really nice project to work on and it has allowed my team to be involved in developing what is essentially a start-up business. From branding through to website development and content creation, we have produced something that has received some great feedback and has already generated business on a global scale.

The websites of our more established brands all perform well, with the length of time that they have been online and the subsequent volume of content contributing to healthy search engine rankings and visitor traffic. Our new website does not have the same level of authority, so we have had to adopt underdog tactics and are continuously fine tuning our approach to get the most effective results.”

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