Manitou adds ECV initiative to CESAR security marking scheme

Manitou adds ECV initiative to CESAR security marking scheme

Manitou, one of the earliest adopters of the industry’s own security marking scheme CESAR, is one of the latest companies to recognise the additional benefits of the scheme’s recent development – ECV (Emissions Compliance Verification). 

Manitou began fitting the enhanced system earlier this year to all construction, aerial work platforms, and agricultural and compact equipment leaving the factory onwards and for sale within the UK market.

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA), owners of the CESAR Scheme, developed ECV as a response to the demand for an easy and reliable way to confirm the emissions category of construction equipment used within Low Emission Zones and “green” construction sites. CESAR ECV has already been recognised by HS2 as an acceptable means of demonstrating a machine’s green credentials and other major schemes are also looking favourably at the initiative.

Andrea Davidson, Air Quality Lead, Phase One, HS2 Ltd said: “We are happy to confirm that we would accept the ECV as part of the registration process for plant to work on HS2 sites, and would consider it suitable for compliance assurance purposes.”

“With the expansion of Low Emission Zones and “green” construction sites, there is an urgent demand for the quick identification of the certified emission levels of machines brought on to sites,” commented Suneeta Johal, Chief Executive of the CEA.


Ms Johal added: “The easy-to-read and scan visual sticker cuts out a lot of work for construction site managers and local authorities, and as such, the ECV application for CESAR is the single biggest development since the scheme was launched as an anti-theft initiative back in 2007.”

Mark Ormond, Managing Director of Manitou commented: “With an industry looking increasingly at the environmental impacts of construction work CESAR ECV will be invaluable to Manitou customers working on, and companies managing, large-scale projects across the UK. We are very pleased to make this a standard fitment to the major part of our machine range.”

Kevin Howells, Managing Director, Datatag ID said: “Many years ago, I used to sell the Manitou range of telehandlers and I was always impressed with the company’s agility and the vision of founder Marcel Braud to adapt and create market-leading all-terrain machinery. Manitou wanted to create machinery that “handles everything” and I’m proud they have agreed to enhance the existing Official CESAR Scheme system with the standardisation of ECV. Another great example of how agile Manitou is – helping its customers work towards a cleaner and greener environment.”

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