New technology thwarts theft 

New technology thwarts theft 

In a significant advancement in the field of asset security, Datatag, the delivery partner of the Construction Equipment Association’s (CEA) CESAR security scheme, has unveiled its latest innovation of a RAPID check (Registered Assets Police Information Database) and a cutting-edge Ultra Tag RFID transponder.

This breakthrough is expected to considerably increase the security of construction and agricultural machinery by equipping every police officer with the means to quickly check a machine’s ‘status’ on the secure database and significantly extend the read range of the CESAR system’s RFID transponders to assist police further.

The Ultra Tag, a secure RFID chip, is impervious to interrogation and compromise. Its enhanced reading distance, when used with a Datatag scanner, marks a substantial improvement in identification technology. This development is poised to significantly bolster the resilience of tagged assets against theft and tampering.

The system offers a secure amalgamation of police, manufacturer, and insurance data and by simply entering a part of a vehicle identification number (VIN) or any related number, officers can rapidly determine the status of a machine.

Kevin Howells, managing director of Datatag, commented: “The launch of the RAPID check service and the Ultra Tag represents a monumental stride in our commitment to advancing security technology.”

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