Avant Launches New Tool Carrier

Avant Launches New Tool Carrier

Avant Tecno of Thetford in Norfolk has announced the introduction of a new, low emission model within its 7 Series of compact toll carriers to meet a demand for a cost-effective equivalent to the 760.

The 755 is powered by the same Tier 4 compliant Kohler direct injection diesel engine as fitted to the company’s top-of-the-range 760i machine. This engine not only ensures quiet running but also uses 20 per cent less fuel than the 750 model.

The low emissions have been achieved by the fitment of a diesel oxidation catalyst which, in combination with the use of ultra-low sulphur fuel, eliminates the need for serviceable parts in the exhaust system.

In addition, the first oil change is only required after 400 hours and, thanks to the design of the engine, there is no requirement for oil top-ups between services. This highly efficient and quiet engine is also equipped with CAN bus technology and an electronic control unit.

This new machine, which rides on slightly smaller tyres than the 760, develops maximum torque at just 1,200 rpm which ensures powerful performance and an ability to operate attachments at low rpm.

For further information on Avant Tecno visit http://www.avanttecno.com/www/uk/

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