Brokk Quick Off the Mark

Brokk Quick Off the Mark

Brokk remote machine gets OilQuick makeover

OliQuick automatic quick couplers have typically been reserved until now for operator driven excavators, fork lift trucks and wheel loaders. Sole UK OilQuick distributor ECY Haulmark recently offered one of their customers a unique and bespoke engineering solution to adapt the OilQuick system to suit their Brokk remote controlled demolition machine, the first such installation for the UK demolition industry. Brokk machines offer a powerful alternative when a demolition excavator cannot gain access within confined spaces or those deemed unsafe for human access within buildings earmarked for demolition.

Northwest based Bradley Demolition recently took delivery of a Brokk 160 model to assist with the internal soft stripping within the confined areas on one of their latest contracts at Manchester’s business school.

Bradley Demolition Managing Director Paul Johnson explained “Utilising the Brokk machines in small confined spaces within large buildings has many advantages, now having the OilQuick system installed to our Brokk160 as well gives us an additional edge, saving us loads more time and money” adding “The demolition industry in large have recognised the benefits of the OilQuick system in recent years for changing attachment on operator driven excavators, we spoke to Warrington based attachment specialists ECY Haulmark and they were able to offer us a unique engineering solution to adapt their OilQuick system to suit our Brokk160”.

Having installed the OilQuick automatic quick couplers Bradley Demolition are clearly delighted with the results. Their Brokk operator can now automatically change between hydraulically powered attachments such as a breaker, concrete crusher or grab in around fifteen seconds, where as previously a manual change would take around fifteen to twenty minutes with the operator and environment at risk of coming into contact with hydraulic oil spillages. With OilQuick the risk of oil contamination is fully eliminated and costly downtime avoided. Being a positive engagement system OilQuick also eliminates any hanging hoses which pose a threat to safety and are expensive to replace if burst or snagged.

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