HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe is expanding its wheeled excavator range

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe is expanding its wheeled excavator range

10-tonne townie wheeled excavator

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe is expanding its wheeled excavator range with the launch of the HW100A, designed with urban environments especially in mind. The compact, versatile machine delivers a best-in-class operator environment, a powerful driveline, multiple steering modes and a range of chassis layouts to suit all job sites.

With a slim counterweight and a tailswing radius of just 1,600mm, the HW100A can work within a single carriageway. The machine is equipped with three steering modes, increasing manoeuvrability in confined site conditions. Two-wheel steering uses the front wheels only to turn and is designed for maximum stability when travelling at speed.

Four-wheel steering brings the rear wheels into play, reducing the turning circle from 5.738mm to just 3.697mm. The third option is crab steering, which turns front and rear wheels in the same direction. This can be used to manoeuvre the machine diagonally into a tight space, or to drive away from a wall or excavation area safely.

Power is provided by a Hyundai D34 diesel engine with two-car exhaust aftertreatment, that includes a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This Stage V compliant engine has no requirement for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) contributing to reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.

The engine develops 75kW (100hp), with 460Nm of torque available from just 1,400 rpm. It employs a variable pressure turbocharger, delivering optimal air flow to the engine under all load conditions. Like on heavy excavators, operators can choose from three power modes: power, standard and economy.

The driveline has a two-speed mechanical transmission and a two-speed hydrostatic travel motor. This allows the operator to define the maximum travel speed for each application, with a maximum of 40 km/h in the highest gear.

At the working end, the HW100A comes with a two-piece main boom and a long reach dipper arm. Maximum digging reach is 7,820mm, while maximum digging depth is 4,245mm. Lift capacity at a 5m radius ranges from 1.55 tonnes over the side, to 2.33 tonnes over the front of the machine with the blade down.

Customers can choose between a front-mounted parallel dozer blade and independent stabilisers at the rear, a front grapple bar with rear-mounted dozer blade or front and rear outriggers. All options are interchangeable with the same bolt-on mounting system. In each case, the outriggers operate within the machine width.

Operator comfort comes as standard on the HW100A, with a completely adjustable steering column and heatable, air-suspended operator’s seat as standard. The machine boasts low-effort proportional joystick control and breaker plus other function buttons on the servo lever heads. An 8” touchscreen, familiar to operators of Hyundai’s larger A-Series machines, provides all operating data and function control.

The operator also benefits from a DAB radio with Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. Hyundai’s Hi-Mate telematic monitoring system is available, making it easier for fleet managers to maintain control of service and maintenance work across the fleet.

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