New 6 tonne Stage V Mini-Excavators Launched by DEVELON

New 6 tonne Stage V Mini-Excavators Launched by DEVELON

DEVELON (formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment) has launched the new DX62R-7 and DX63-7 6 tonne Stage V mini-excavators, continuing the roll out of the next generation of machines from the company, with a new shared global styling design. The new mini-excavators are designed to offer maximum performance, optimum stability, increased versatility, enhanced operator comfort, controllability, durability, ease of maintenance and serviceability.

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 are ideal for work in confined spaces on projects in construction, landscaping, utilities, rental, agriculture, recycling, waste and many other areas. Both models are powered by the new D24 Stage V compliant diesel engine providing 44.3 kW (59.4 HP) of power. Despite offering an 8% increased torque of 26.5 kgm/rpm, the D24 engine still provides a 7% decrease in engine fuel consumption.

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 utilise a Load Sensing System based around a new Main Control Valve resulting in a longer spool stroke for improved controllability and superior working efficiency/performance compared to the previous models they replace. This results from a significant reduction in energy wastage and an over 30% decrease in pressure losses, resulting in an increased system pressure of 275 bar, better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

Both machines offer a high auxiliary flow of 90 l/min to enhance work with attachments. The flow capacity can be monitored on the DEVELON Smart 8 inch touch screen in 10 steps and controlled using the thumbwheel on the joystick. This flexibility is combined with an excellent traction force, travel speeds, lifting capacities and digging forces, together providing superior working performance, particularly for trenching and lifting work.

High Comfort and Functional Cab

The new cab on the DX62R-7 and DX63-7 is very roomy for this size of machine and features a full glass entry door to maximize operator visibility on this side of the machine from inside the cab. A rear-view camera is optional and the high luminance LED work lamps (which are standard) on the cab further enhance visibility and safety. Key features of the new cab include:

  • A heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system as standard
  • DAB radio (Handsfree & Bluetooth)
  • Sunglasses Case
  • 8 inch Touch Screen
  • Air Suspension Seat with Heating
  • Thumbwheel Joystick
  • A/C Control Panel Keypad
  • USB Charger & 12V Socket
  • Foldable pedals
  • Dozer control
  • LED lights (rear and front side of the cab)

The enhanced HVAC system is the best on the market, providing more nozzles to direct warming and cooling air, including both front and rear pillar nozzles that together help to improve the system performance. Larger nozzles are also used to ensure direct and sufficient airflow for operators and manual adjustment of the opening/closing of the nozzles is also possible.

The HVAC system and the DAB Audio can be controlled through the 8 inch touch screen and the feed from the optional rear view camera can be displayed on the latter. The monitor also shows the flow rate setting for the 10 step control system using the thumbwheel joystick.

New Dozer Lever Control

Using the dozer lever, the operator can select between low and high speed for the levelling blade hydraulics. Travel speed can also be selected by using the travel selector button on the dozer lever. When hydraulic oil pressure rises due to going up a slope while driving in the high speed mode, the travel speed auto-shift valve automatically resets the travel speed to low, to enhance the operator’s driving convenience and to reduce machine stress.

The dozer control also provides a new blade floating function – pushing the dozer lever all the way forward puts the lever into the detent position and leaves the dozer blade in a ‘float’ position. Customers can also choose the optional Dozer lock function, which prevents dozer blade creep. If the machine has the optional blade lock valve installed, the floating function will not work when the lever is in the detent position.

Better Access for Service and Maintenance

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 feature a new two-part bonnet cover, with fully opening centre and side segments giving easy access for maintenance work compared to the previous generation machines. The cleverly designed mesh bonnet cover prevents dirt ingress.

There are two fuse boxes in the cab on the left hand side of the heater box. The positioning of the fuses under the cab seat and next to the heater box ensure it is easy to remove a bracket, further simplifying maintenance work.

Develon Fleet Management Telematics

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini-excavators have the latest Develon Fleet Management TMS 3.0 Cellular system installed as standard, which provides a telematics management system for the excavators, by collecting data from sensors on the machines.

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