Integrated Driver Safety Analytics Solution

Integrated Driver Safety Analytics Solution

Teletrac Navman UK has launched the UK’s first integrated Driver Safety Analytics Solution, helping fleet managers maintain safe driving practises.

The comprehensive safety solution, which forms part of Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR platform, integrates high definition dashboard camera technology with telematics data, providing fleet managers with all of the information needed to help reduce risks and implement safe driving practises across their fleets.

The unique solution features a Forward Facing Dashboard Camera, which continuously records high definition quality video footage, enabling fleet managers to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an incident.  The recordings are all accessible via the Integrated Event Viewer, which allows fleet managers to replay any dangerous event recordings on a second-by-second basis, to monitor driver performance and use as supporting material in the event of an insurance claim.

The innovative safety solution also includes Driver Scorecards, to track and rank driver improvements over time, and a Reporting Module, which provides in-depth evaluation of a fleet’s overall performance. This provides managers with a wealth of data on how individual drivers are conducting themselves on the road, including any dangerous behaviours such as speeding or harsh braking. Performance trends can then be communicated to the team, with any issues addressed in training and development, leading to reduced risks on the roads.

Speaking on the launch, Stuart Berman, Managing Director at Teletrac Navman, comments: “We’re really pleased to be the first in the UK market to launch this fully integrated, safety-first solution. It enables fleet managers to really drill down into the data needed to understand how their entire fleet is performing, as they can use both the telematics data and corresponding video footage to give them a complete real-life picture of how their drivers are performing.

They can then implement safer driving practises, with tailored solutions that are relevant to the specific needs of their drivers.

“Not only does the Driver Safety Analytics Module enable businesses to build a safer and more efficient fleet, but it can also positively impact insurance premiums, as it demonstrates to insurers that there are stringent measures in place with relation to minimising risk and enhancing road safety.”

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