JLG Introduces Largest Hybrid So Far

JLG Introduces Largest Hybrid So Far

H800AJ delivers diesel like performance at 26m working height

The H800AJ will be available in Europe from the summer onwards and was exhibited for the first time at JLG’s stand at Vertikal Days, Donington Park. This latest addition can be operated in electric mode only and in hybrid mode, when conditions get rougher or the batteries need charging.

“Hybrid equipment, or urban compliant product as we call it at JLG, is becoming more and more common in Europe. There is a clear need for equipment that performs like a diesel, yet emits low emissions and noise,” comments Jan-Willem van Wier, Senior Product Marketing Manager for JLG in EMEA.

He continues: “The H800AJ is a one-of-a-kind solution offering our customers best of both worlds. Suitable for harsh construction work with the possibility to operate indoor at zero emissions and very little noise. Our expectations for this product are high as the H800AJ meets the latest environmental requirements and adds to our customers bottom line as the utilisation is so much broader than a regular diesel lift.”

The H800AJ offers a working height of 26.4m, a working outreach of 16.45m and offers an unrestricted platform capacity of 230kgs. The H800AJ is a so-called parallel hybrid and equipped with a 18.6kW engine.

Standard equipped with an oscillating axle and four-wheel drive, the H800AJ delivers outstanding stability and grip on rough terrain. The H800AJ is equipped with all-steel hoods. Optionally the H800AJ can be equipped with non-marking tyres and bio-degradable oil, reducing its environmental impact even further.

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