Liebherr Launches New Stereoloaders

Liebherr Launches New Stereoloaders

Liebherr presents the new L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders

New features on Liebherr’s L 514 and L 518 Stereoloaders include Z-unit bar linkage and a spacious driver’s cab, whilst diagonal cooling provides what the manufacturer describes as a high level of reliability. The stereo steering system – a combination of articulated steering and a steerable rear axle – results in a significantly smaller turning circle, with higher manoeuvrability and productivity, particularly in confined spaces. In addition, the hydrostatic driveline delivers continuous acceleration. For operations requiring longer driving distances, Liebherr offers the option of L 514 and L 518 ‘Speeder’ models. This allows the two Stereoloaders to reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h, enabling operators to save time by moving units from one site to the next quickly and efficiently.

The L 514 unit is particularly suited to municipal services, road building and to being a reliable assistant in a wide variety of applications. The larger L 518 is a completely new model in the Liebherr wheel loader range and is designed for industrial use. For example, it can work with solid rubber tyres for use in the recycling industry. The exhaust gas after-treatment system in these machines conforms to Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards by utilising a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reduces pollutant emissions effectively.

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