Pramac Announces 2019 Gas Range

Pramac Announces 2019 Gas Range

New range will offer Gas Generators to mobile and industrial power segments

Pramac-Generac UK will be launching a range of Gas generators in 2019 which will see the company expand its current range of mobile and industrial Pramac power solutions, as well as its gas partner network.

The new Pramac Gas range will be available via UK gas partners as soon as January 2019 and will offer an alternative fuel choice for stand-by generators, which will be as high performing as diesel.

With the burgeoning green agenda and increasing demand for alternative fuels in back-up power, natural gas is an inspired solution for many stand-by genset applications. It provides much longer runtimes and delivers a greener fuel solution with reduced NOX emissions.

The Pramac Industrial Gas range is ideal for use across a range of sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing and data centre solutions- any location that would be traditionally limited to diesel stand-by power.

David Oates, Managing Director, Pramac-Generac UK said: “By harnessing our 50-year heritage and experience in the power industry, this latest line has been developed in parallel with our current diesel and petrol products. We can present our customers with greater choice and contemporary power products as pressure mounts to source and make alternative fuel choices.”

The new Industrial and Residential Gas portfolio will be integrated into the company’s current petrol, diesel and hybrid power portfolio which now includes over 150 products including stand-by, rental and portable generators.

The Residential Gas range will also be available via a registered network of Pramac vetted gas partners and Gas Safe® Registered installers. This range will be aimed at small business operations, agricultural and home use to provide a safe and reliable back-up generator in the event of power failure, protecting the home and small business operation.

David continued: “As the UK experiences more extreme weather patterns and questions are raised over the reliability and long-term sustainability of our Grid network, more and more consumers and businesses are choosing solutions which put them in control of their power. Through our gas partner network, we want to be able to offer new fuel options and help consumers make informed choices.”

Pramac is currently working with several gas partners in industrial and residential markets who will be responsible for key regions within the UK. These gas partners will be coming on board in early 2019 in line with the Gas product range launch when more details to be announced.

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