Stress-Free Fuel Management Solutions

Stress-Free Fuel Management Solutions

Certas Energy is helping construction companies move, maintain and store fuel safely and securely on site.

Managing fuel usage effectively is essential to keeping lifting equipment moving and avoiding the costs and loss of productivity that can occur if a site runs out of fuel. As a specialist provider to the construction industry, Certas Energy provides reliable, nationwide deliveries of bulk and specialist fuels, additives, AdBlue and lubricants for stress-free fuel management.

Keeping fuel stored safely and securely on a congested construction site can be challenging.  Certas Energy offers a range of solutions that improve the compliance, reliability and cost efficiency of fuel storage. For example, with a fully transportable design and ability to fuel multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, the DieselPRO 3,000 litre fuel cube tank saves time and improves productivity. Built-in fuel monitoring allows Certas Energy to monitor and manage fuel levels to prevent sites from running out of fuel. The transportable fuel cube, which will be on display at the show, can be easily moved around construction sites with a forklift or crane which provides easier access and improved storage safety when the site is closed.

“A reliable fuel supply is critical to keeping construction sites moving and in an industry looking to drive down time, cost and risk, our fuel storage solutions make fuel management simple. By triggering automatic deliveries, our advanced telemetry devices help prevent sites from running out of fuel so that site managers can concentrate on getting the job done, confident that they have the fuel they need to keep their equipment operating efficiently.”
Emma Jayne Brown, Construction Marketing Manager at Certas Energy

With the urgent need to tackle the air quality crisis in the UK, Certas Energy is committed to fuelling a cleaner, safer, healthier future for the construction industry with alternative fuels. Shell GTL Fuel, available exclusively from Certas Energy in the UK, is a cleaner burning alternative to diesel that is proven to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions as well as providing several performance benefits. One of the biggest benefits of Shell GTL is that as a drop-in fuel, it requires no modifications to existing diesel engines, removing the need for expensive upgrades to existing equipment.

Brown added: “As a drop-in solution, Shell GTL Fuel provides part of the solution to reducing local emissions created in construction.”

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