Volvo CE introduces innovative lifting mode for multi demolition boom

Volvo CE introduces innovative lifting mode for multi demolition boom

Volvo CE introduces innovative lifting mode for multi demolition boom

Improved flexibility, reduced carbon and lower total cost of ownership: all benefits provided by the new Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom – specifically designed for Volvo High Reach machines by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE).

Volvo CE has long recognised the need to create and support machines dediated to the demands of the demolition industry. While specialised machines are well suited to a particular demolition site task, they are often constrained by their specialism, making them unsuitable for other site activities.

Knowing this, Volvo CE has designed and built an innovative solution for the lifting of multi-use demolition machines that not only lowers the total cost of ownership, saves time and offers greater flexibility, but most importantly lowers customers’ carbon footprint – vital at a time when fuel prices are at a high and CO2 reduction is rightly in sharp focus.

High reach with lower TCO and fuel consumption 

Unique to the market, the Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom can be fitted from factory to any of the company’s E-Series high reach excavators: the EC380E HR, the EC480E HR and the EC750E HR, each of which are already capable of being configured using various extensions and booms to carry out a wide range of applications.

With this new Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom, the versatility of the E-series is now not limited to just the actual demolition process, but also offers the possibility of improving the logistics of transporting equipment to sites. That is because customers, with this new solution, can now use the machine as a safe carrier for the lifting of machine components, such as cradles and digging or high reach booms, from the trailer to the ground at which point they can be safely installed on the machine.

Martijn Donkersloot, Special Application Solutions Manager for Demolition, Recycling and Excavator Modifications for Volvo CE Sales Region Europe and International, says: “The advantage is that not only is total cost of ownership reduced, by eliminating the need for a mobile crane or second excavator, but flexibility is increased thanks to the time savings created by no longer needing a third party for loading and unloading. Carbon is also reduced due to the need for less vehicles on site.”

Easily and safely integrated into customers’ operations 

The innovative solution consists of machine software specifically designed for the controlled lifting of equipment, as well as visual warnings outside of the cab to warn bystanders that a lifting process is underway. The software also controls hydraulic pressure as well as engine speed to control the movement speed of the machine as it lifts – ensuring optimum safety throughout.

Additionally, Volvo CE delivers its CE-certified lifting accessory, which is specifically designed to fit the patented Modular Joint design from the Multi Demolition Boom and can easily be connected to the lower pin of the Multi Demolition Boom. When all components are safely unloaded, switching to the high reach or digging boom can easily be accomplished, due to the modular hydraulic joint, allowing for fast and even further flexibility to start the demolition as quickly as possible.

Designed, built and supported by Volvo CE, the unique Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom is well suited to the demands of demolition while ensuring customers reduce costs, lower their carbon emissions, save time and increase their flexibility on site.

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