Yanmar CE’s latest midi excavators

Yanmar CE’s latest midi excavators

Yanmar CE’s latest midi excavators, the SV86-7 and SV100-7, are claimed to set new standards of compactness in the eight to 10 tonne segment.

Despite being in the larger weight class, both models have a  compact footprint. They feature a tight front swing radius (2,120mm for the SV86-7 and 2.450 mm for the SV100-7) and minimal rear turning radiuses (1,265mm for the SV86-7 and 1.365 mm for the SV100-7). Coupled with minimal rear overhang (120mm and 205mm, respectively), this design ensures they are perfectly suited for work in limited spaces.

The SV86-7 offers the highest lifting capacity in its class with lifting capacities of 1.290kg (side) and 2.280kg (front). With the help of its perfect weight distribution, the unit also exceeds the stability of others in its weight class.

Under the bonnet the SV86-7 is powered by a fuel-efficient 4TNV98CT turbo engine, capable of delivering 50.8kW at 1,800rpm. This enhancement not only elevates earthwork and hill-climbing performance but also significantly cuts down on fuel consumption. The SV100-7 midi excavator is also powered by the 4TNV98CT engine, offering lifting capabilities of 1.420kg (side) and 2.390kg (front).

A new addition to Yanmar’s 10-tonne class is the ViPPS2i system—a two-piston hydraulic pump designed to maximize performance and efficiency. The ViPPS2i system ensures both machines excel in a variety of construction tasks by boosting hydraulic efficiency and reducing fuel use.

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