Cheap Filters and Parts Won’t Save You Money According to Mann-Filter

Cheap Filters and Parts Won’t Save You Money According to Mann-Filter

For owners and hirers of compressors and vacuum pumps, the operating costs are often as much of a concern as the initial outlay of the equipment.

In fact, energy and maintenance account for 79% of the overall compressor cost compared to 21% initial investment.

IMG_4307In many cases, cost savings are typically centred on the physical components that are replaced during servicing of the compressor or vacuum pump.

After all, replacing the disposable filters that are hidden away within the confines of the machine with cheaper, often aftermarket branded parts seems like an easy win to save a few pounds and pence, right?

However, it has been found that optimum OE quality filtration represents less than 0.5% of the overall operating cost of a compressor or vacuum pump.

Therefore, does it make more sense to skimp a penny here and there on cheap, low quality filters, or to potentially save pounds reducing energy – the highest cost contributor?

For example, genuine OE quality Mann-Filter air/oil separators can reduce the differential pressure across the filter by at least 30 mbar, saving 275W of energy per hour.

And as Mann-Filter delivers the exact same filtration specification as the OE part fitted on the assembly line, peace of mind is assured.

Pie ChartCheaper filters are of course available, but any savings should not be attributed to the initial purchase price of the filter alone.

Cheaper filters are cheaper for a reason, and often have a shorter service life, which equates to more frequent service intervals, downtime and thus higher overall cost.

Often, the price differential between Mann-Filter parts and lower quality filter brands is down to a few pence.

The initial saving on the parts then, equates to a false economy – with the saving on the cheaper filters eradicated by the actual running costs and potential increased servicing intervals.

Cost savings then – perhaps not as obvious as first thought?

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