Hewden’s £500k Multitrack Investment With Ground-Guard

Hewden’s £500k Multitrack Investment With Ground-Guard

MultiTrack system is the latest in a series of investments by Hewden to provide a new Non-Mechanical Plant Proposition.

National specialist equipment and crane hire company, Hewden, has signed a £500k deal with Ground-Guards Ltd to supply its market-leading MultiTrack Trackway mats.

It represents the latest non-mechanical plant fleet investment from Hewden to support its core crane and plant fleet, and builds on its events offering.

MultiTrack under a 220t Hewden Crane 2Ground-Guards, which is a division of the GreenTek Group, is a supplier of an extensive range of ground protection solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, including construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling, landscaping, heritage sites and many more.

The MultiTrack mats are made from a tough, lightweight, HDPE polymer plastic, providing a cost-effective alternative to the traditional aluminium panels.

Designed for laying down portable access roads or providing ground protection, the environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic mats are guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 120 tonnes.

Danny Williams, Product Manager at Hewden, says: “This is a significant investment from Hewden and is a great example of how we are supporting our customers across the events, construction, industrial and infrastructure sectors with a non-mechanical plant product range that complements our larger core equipment.

“They will be available from most depots across the UK on a short or long term hire basis and provide the best example of lightweight, durable and easy to handle ground protection mats on the market.

“We’re delighted to be working with Ground-Guard on this latest investment as we develop our partnership further.”

MultiTrack Packed and Ready to ShipThe reversible design provides both an enhanced vehicle tread as well as an anti-slip pedestrian surface. With an easy-to-join design, they can be quickly laid to create a temporary access road using a simple joiner mechanism.

MultiTrack Trackway mats are 2.4 x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) in size, and have a lifting weight of just 39kg meaning they can be safely handled by two people.

Dan Devenish, Global Sales Manager for Ground-Guards, says: “The easy-to-assemble MultiTrack design makes them one of the most versatile ground protection systems in the market.

“I’m delighted that we are working with a leading hire company like Hewden to supply this product to the wider marketplace as we provide a more innovative, cost effective solution for customers.”

For more information visit www.hewden.co.uk

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