Telematics & Digital Construction | inspHire’s new asset tracker

Telematics & Digital Construction | inspHire’s new asset tracker

Hire management software provider inspHir, has released a brand new asset tracker functionality that integrates with Trackunit, JCB LiveLink and CanTrack to make visibility of equipment even clearer.

The exclusive development has been driven by the recognised importance of telematics data and its growing impact on the access and lifting industry. inspHire knows that this will be invaluable to Access businesses, both now and in the future, as the industry begin to further adopt telematics systems.

Head of Sales at inspHire, Mark Taylor has worked closely with the company’s large development team to ensure this integration offers exactly what access and lifting businesses need. He says: “It needs to do two things. First, it’s important that the development adds value to businesses that are not using telematics systems. Today, Access businesses require a system that collates accurate information in one easy to access, visual screen.”

The Asset Tracker functionality gives companies clearer visibility. Amalgamating the locations of all your equipment onto a single map view, using inbuilt Google Maps. Users can now pinpoint where their equipment is on a map based on the current contract information, define a radius for each depot and drill into specifics. Having quick access to this accurate information allows users to better plan the movement of equipment between sites, optimise depot transfers as well as charging periods, whilst greatly improving customer service.

Mark goes on to add: “The second part of the development would unify telematics data with inspHire maximising equipment utilisation and taking it to the next level.”

Alongside the powerful Asset Tracker, the hire management specialist has centralised telematics data within its software. Bringing two systems together empowers users to view and cross reference their telematics and hire data quickly. Tracking the location via GPS trackers, recording equipment usage such as inputs and hours of operation as well as live meter readings, are just a few of the key features this new telematics integration brings to inspHire.

Enabling businesses to see when and where as well as how long equipment was operational for helps to ensure customers aren’t over using equipment and all the correct meter and mileage based services will definitely be completed. It also becomes an invaluable tool when it comes to locating missing or stolen equipment.

As part of the integration, Trackunit, JCB LiveLink and CanTrack can be opened directly from within the inspHire system, eradicating the need to have two systems open at once whilst also making advanced telematics data easy to access.

This partnership with a range of telematics providers is the first step in bringing telematics and hire data together, further enhancements will see inspHire continue to develop its products, so users can expect further telematics integrations this year.

inspHire user and AFI Group IT Director, Chris Jowett, see’s first-hand the benefit telematics can bring to the Access and Lifting industry. “Our industry is only at the beginning of the digital era where we use information to offer new improved solutions, automation and closer links with our customers and suppliers. Telematics are part of that journey and will become mainstream over time”.

Chris also cemented the value of bringing the hire data inspHire provides and telematics data together. “Integrating telematics with inspHire will make it easier for us to adopt this new technology. It brings it closer to our operations team, improves ease of use and encourages adoption”.

When asked why it’s important for access and lifting companies to adopt telematics, Chris discussed the vast value and benefit it brings to many different parties. “We live in an ever more demanding world and telematics can bring benefits to all parties. Site safety can be improved by recording pre-use checks on mobile devices. Unauthorised use can be combatted by replacing keys with IPAF smart cards and mobile apps to unlock the machine. Hirers can respond quicker to breakdowns as they have access to diagnostic information before reaching site. Reliability can be improved as manufacturers use telematics data improve design and specifications”.

Telematics will present great opportunities for the industry in the future. “We have already seen some markets offering different hire options, such as hourly charging and machines being used by multiple customers on sites. Telematics can only help to speed up the adoption of new practices such as these bringing benefits such as lower charges to the customer and higher utilisation to the hirer”.

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