S Norton & Co Ltd recycle with help of VTN RP2000 rail cutter from ECY Haulmark

S Norton & Co Ltd recycle with help of VTN RP2000 rail cutter from ECY Haulmark

S Norton & Co Ltd are a company at the forefront of British metal recycling. Having started in the early 1960’s, the company has gone from strength to strength, winning two Queen’s awards for export in 2004 and again in 2009. Operating out of their head office in Liverpool, they also have other depots in Manchester, London and Southampton.

Each year S. Norton collect, process and export around 1.5 million tonnes of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal to a wide range of consumers from small refineries to global organisations, with their commitment to the environment embodied with a target of sending zero waste to landfill, an objective to which they constantly strive towards.

One particular material S. Norton have been processing and recycling in recent years is end of life rail track. Due to the structure and strength of the rail, it is difficult to cut productively and profitably with a standard scrap shear. So, having learned ECY Haulmark could supply an attachment specifically manufactured for purpose was great news for S Norton. With the addition of the RP2000 rail cutter the rail is easily processed into various lengths.

The machine S. Norton are utilising on site for this work is a CAT330L tracked machine fitted with a VTN RP2000 rail cutting attachment, supplied and installed by Warrington based attachment specialists ECY Haulmark. Italian manufacturing company VTN Europe have specifically designed the RP series of rail cutters for this exact purpose.

The RP2000 model rail cutter weighs in at 2.7 tonnes and is suitable for 21-35 tonne machines, ideal for processing of standard UK rail spec UIC 60. A large hydraulic cylinder provides a 139t force and together with the jaw’s specific mechanism, and with the cylinder set in an overturned position to ensure maximum protection from accidental damages

The RP2000 hydraulic rail cutter is equipped with special cutting blades, which are four times reversible and interchangeable to ensure high durability before replacement is required. The structure of the body, made entirely of Hardox, and heat treated to improve the mechanical strength, reliability and durability of the attachment.

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