Bell’s B40-Ton Range of Trucks Has Arrived

Bell’s B40-Ton Range of Trucks Has Arrived

Taking Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) functionality to the next level, Bell Equipment has announced the UK launch of its B40E, the hotly anticipated mid-range E-series machine.

Already established internationally as a world class product, with its improved performance and fuel efficiency, the B40E succeeds Bell Equipment’s acclaimed D-series model – a line of ADTs which continuously emerged as the best-in-class during its 15-year production lifetime.

During its five years of development the B40E underwent extensive testing with engineers using structural and dynamic analysis, as well as drawing on the results of test procedures within harsh mine site conditions, to ensure a strong, reliable product that would hit the ground running once released.

Detailed interactions with customers, operators and the Bell sales team enabled design engineers to enhance the specification of the B40E to provide more effective onboard diagnostics and user warnings, advanced operator comfort and the ability for customers to remotely monitor their B40E from anywhere in the world using the upgraded Bell Fleetm@tic on-board fleet management tool.

According to Richard Higgott, Sales Manager at Bell Equipment, the mid-sized B40E is already predicted to be a sought-after addition for UK plant hire and quarry fleets thanks to its greater power and increased payload, which delivers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry at 5,37kW/tonne. The B40E also represents the manufacturer’s highest ever level of automated internal machine protection and succeeds in setting a new industry benchmark.

“The five-year research and development programme this machine has undergone has given us the time to be meticulous with its evolution. As a result, the new platform has been engineered to handle future emissions requirements and incorporates the latest developments in 6×6 technologies to be able to give our customers more in the way of performance and fuel efficiency improvements.”

He goes on to explain how remaining with the proven Allison transmission but switching from a 6-speed to a 7-speed has assisted in delivering greater efficiency and performance. Comparative testing between the B40E and the B40D has shown that, taking all variables into account, the B40E delivers up to 10 percent lower cost per tonne than the B40D.

Powered by the tried and trusted Mercedes Benz OM471LA engine, optimised for off-road use by MTU, the truck is loaded with standard benefits and features such as onboard weighing, keyless ignition, Tip Safe, Neutral Park Brake, Downhill Speed Control, Turbo Spin Protection and Fleetm@tic. Bell Equipment has led the industry in introducing these types of features to ADTs and they continue to work on further innovation.

In response to customer requests, Fleetm@tic has been developed to report when unsafe tip conditions have been reached and the premium package allows customers to view load by load data on the website. The compatibility of Fleetm@tic with all relevant devices including tablets, smartphones and PCs has also been improved.

Hill Hold is a new safety feature that prevents the truck from rolling backwards in an unsafe manner by automatically applying brakes when the operator takes his foot off the accelerator pedal while driving up an incline. When the accelerator is activated again the brakes are released once there is enough engine torque to pull away smoothly.

In addition, not only is the Inter-axle Differential Lock (IDL) automatically engaged if traction is lost but the Automatic Traction Control system has been upgraded to automatically act on each individual axle to better meet customer requirements.

“These standard features enhance the model’s specification considerably and we’re delighted to be presenting this high-performing, technologically evolved B40E ADT to the market,” says Richard.

The cab is the same as that found on the B30E, which was introduced to the market three years ago, and has established itself as a favourite among operators due to its high level of comfort and improved ergonomics, including a simplified interface, similar to modern car dashboards, with a full colour screen and automotive mouse interface as well as a reversing camera, all as standard. The Isringhausen seat, with a three-point safety harness, and suspension and damping system, improves ride comfort while reducing whole body vibration.

With unsurpassed levels of visibility, and raised headlights positioned to avoid mud contact, as well as a rolled steel bumper for protection against on-site hazards, the B40E is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing with its honed exterior and contemporary bodywork.

“We’ve applied considerable ‘future thinking’ to this B40E, improving not only the exterior and physical function of the machine, but also its diagnostic capabilities, with the integrated safety systems and features delivering enhanced functionality,” Richard explains.

Having already successfully released sister models, the B25E and B30E to the UK market, Bell’s introduction of the B40E presents an exciting option for a mid-range truck with the power to perform. Richard reports that the anticipation surrounding the UK launch of both the Bell B25E and B30E models was tangible, and that the company expects nothing less from this latest series addition.

“The B40E presents the market with an exceptional truck, with technical statistics to match. It is already developing a strong UK following and is proving to both the plant and quarry markets that it is an ADT that has innovatively evolved, ready for the next generation.”

Other exciting news from Bell Equipment UK is that the B45E will follow towards the end of the year with a powerful new engine, a rated payload of 41 000kg and a bin volume of 25m³. Together the B40E and B45E will provide Bell with the best overall value proposition to customers in the 40-ton truck range.

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