Review: Powering On With JLG

Review: Powering On With JLG

Construction Plant News reviews some of the latest developments in lifting and access from JLG

As the official figures reveal, the appetite for powered access platforms continues to reach new heights as construction professionals see the benefits of safely conveying man and materials, rather than working from a ladder or erecting scaffolding. Of course, greater capacity for a worker and his or her tools will always be welcome and that’s exactly what manufacturers are striving to achieve.

JLG, for instance, has completely redesigned its 600 series telescopic boom lifts and introduced crawler versions – the 600SC and the 660SJC. Described as offering “class-leading platform capacity,” the new 600S has an unrestricted capacity of 270kgs, which represents a 20 per cent increase over its prior model, with a restricted capacity of 455kgs. The unrestricted capacity of the 660SJ has increased by 50 per cent to 340kgs, with a restricted capacity of 250kgs.

Lift speeds on these new booms are faster with the ability to operate multiple functions at once significantly improved, enabling them to reach full height quickly for increased productivity. In addition, the machines are easier to transport. Their lighter-weight telescopic booms allow for multiple transport configurations.

The new 600S and 660SJ include the JLG SkyGuard enhanced control panel protection system as standard equipment. The SkyGuard sensor, when activated by approximately 23kgs of force, stops all functions in use, temporarily reversing the unit. These two new booms also benefit from extended wire rope and sheave replacement intervals – from eight to 12 years – up to 7,000 hours. Longer replacement cycles reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime, and deliver a lower total cost of ownership.

A wide range of accessories and attachments amplify the versatility of the 600S and 660SJ. Among them, the optional JLG SkyPower system which improves fuel economy and saves time, while providing additional power for hand tools and accessories.

Manufacturers will always take care of the productivity of their customers in machine design but one pre-occupation that they have also been concerned with is the demands of cleaner powertrains. As a result, hybrid equipment is on the rise, with end users demanding equipment that performs just like a diesel but emits low emissions and noise. JLG’s largest hybrid so far, the H800AJ promises to deliver just that and the 26 metre working height solution was recently unveiled at Vertikal Days at Donnington Park. Available in Europe from the summer onwards, this latest addition can be operated in electric mode only and in hybrid mode, when conditions get rougher or the batteries need charging.

JLG prefers the term “urban compliant product” to hybrid and certainly these are machines that can provide an answer to the relentless march of low emission zones in our cities. Not only that but they are also significantly less noisy that their diesel counterparts. Jan-Willem van Wier, Senior Product Marketing Manager for JLG in EMEA, explains some of the benefits: “The H800AJ is a one-of-a-kind solution offering our customers best of both worlds. Suitable for harsh construction work with the possibility to operate indoor at zero emissions and very little noise. Our expectations for this product are high as the H800AJ meets the latest environmental requirements and adds to our customers bottom line as the utilisation is so much broader than a regular diesel lift.”

The H800AJ offers a working height of 26.4m, a working outreach of 16.45m and offers an unrestricted platform capacity of 230kgs. The unit is a so-called parallel hybrid and equipped with an 18.6kW engine.

Standard equipped with an oscillating axle and four-wheel drive, the H800AJ delivers outstanding stability and grip on rough terrain. The machine is equipped with all-steel hoods, with an option for non-marking tyres and bio-degradable oil, reducing its environmental impact even further.

Of course the right equipment for the right job is only part of the story because operator also has to be assured that it is reliable in operation. Here again JLG is providing a solution with the launch of its JLG Care service package.These agreements are a bundle of services – consisting of features such as spare parts, repairs and regulatory inspections, all of which will help keep control over equipment repairs and, as the cost is fixed, offer a hedge against rising parts and labour costs.

Jean Francois Sourdoire, JLG’s Director for Customer Care in EMEA, explains what fleet owners can expect. “Equipment owners receive maximum protection through JLG Care, the service agreement program. Providing peace of mind by paying a fixed rate for service, parts and repair costs, the surprise element is taken away from operating your fleet.”

He continues: “Through the JLG Care service agreements program, JLG aerial platforms and telehandlers owners have access to all service records and are assured that their equipment is serviced with OEM parts. The program will allow lower equipment maintenance costs and can potentially increase a higher resale value.”

The JLG Care service agreements offer customers a fixed rate on maintenance and repair, delivering more control over total costs of ownership. The agreements are scalable – there is a choice between periodic and full-service agreements. Regular inspections are part of both agreements if local regulations allow.

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