Kubota | Gimme five!

Kubota | Gimme five!

Increased comfort and a care for their carbon footprint are just some of the features of the latest Kubota launches, including three new five tonne machines.

When you’re the market leader in multiple territories around the globe there’s no room for standing still and, despite the Covid-19 induced hiatus, it’s been a relatively busy year for Kubota. The first quarter saw the introduction of three new 5 tonne machines. Following fast in their tracks was the next-generation R070 and R090 wheel loaders, whilst an update to the existing 4-tonne KX042-4 – in the shape of the KX042-4α excavator – has introduced what the manufacturer describes as the most environmentally friendly digger in its class.

Improving the operator’s lot is a recurring theme of machine design today and here the KX060-5, U56-5 and U50-5 do not disappoint, all benefitting from a larger cabin, enhanced insulation, improved visibility, and new comfort features. Nor has the exterior of the machine gone without attention with a redesign offering a modern new look.

Whilst the conventional tail swing KX060-5 is more suited to heavier attachments, the U56-5 is the largest reduced tail swing machine in the range, and can achieve a decent lifting capacity in its own right. Adept at working in tight spaces, and where access is an issue, the hire industry will approve of the U50-5, but this entry level unit can still boast the functionality and creature comforts of its 5-tonne siblings. On all three machines, maintenance information and AUX flow adjustment can be accessed via a full-color, high-resolution 7in. LCD screen and jog-dial navigation, for example. The new CAB structure has a noise reduction of 5dB, down to 74dB, and double adjustable air suspension has been included on L models to maximise on comfort and allow easy height adjustment via an air compressor.

The Japanese manufacturer is, of course, a master of the diesel powertrain, and this unit is driven by the Kubota Original Direct Injection Engine with CRS and DPF Muffler, whilst the engines for all three models are fully Stage-V compliant. A new and improved DPF reduces maintenance by increasing the service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner.

Wheel Loaders
That same commitment to comfort and performance is extended to the
R070 and R090 wheel loaders. A fully enclosed glass cabin enhances visibility, and a digital display keeps the driver fully informed. In addition, a new loader boom design provides excellent lifting capacity, enabling operators to smoothly manoeuvre materials. Given that these machines can often be driven by site workers with little experience of wheel loaders simplicity is the order of the day. That’s why all major functions on both the R070 and R090 are on a single RH lever that is easy to operate with just one hand, and a 2-step speed control switch enables the operator to quickly change speeds. Kubota’s V2607 direct-injection engine is now fully Stage-V compliant and fuel efficient. Additionally, the new and improved DPF reduces maintenance by increasing the service intervals.

KX042-4α Excavator
Building sustainably is now an imperative, and the plant sector is under more pressure than ever to become environmentally friendly. Kubota’s answer to that call is the Stage-V compliant KX042-4 model, with an updated Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which incorporates both the Particulate Filter and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), enabling increased intervals between regeneration and longer service life. The improved DPF system also ensures clean exhaust emissions and reduces maintenance by increasing the service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner.

Fuel consumption, noise levels and exhaust emissions are all improved through an auto idling system, where the engine RPM automatically idles when the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds. When any control lever is moved, the engine RPM immediately returns. AUX oil flow with proportional flow control, auto-shift and float position make ground-finishing work fast and easy, whilst other enhancements include a deluxe suspension seat, a spacious cab and wide entrance, and generous legroom to minimise fatigue.

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