Q&A | Rototilt QuickChange

Q&A | Rototilt QuickChange

Construction Plant News puts the questions to Rototilt on its new QuickChange concept

What are the benefits of investing in the Rototilt QuickChange system for end users?
The tiltrotators, accessories and systems that Rototilt already supplies can convert excavators to fully-fledged tool platforms. Thanks to a huge increase in efficiency, a fully automatic quick coupler extends that range of benefits still further. With QuickChange, excavator operators never have to leave the cab to switch between different hydraulic tools. That makes for a much improved working environment for the driver and significant savings in time.

As well as that, since there’s no one needs to enter the risk zone around the machine during tool changes, safety is significantly increased, and there are no concerns relating to dropped or uncontrolled movement of tools. Indeed, QuickChange is supplied with Rototilt’s SecureLock as standard, ensuring that tools are always properly secured.

So where does this new solution diverge from what’s currently available in the market?
By taking over product development for the entire system, we have pushed the technology forward in a completely in new ways, which has led to several patent applications. The entirely new design allows for impressive hydraulic flows, for example – up to 50 per cent higher than competing solutions, in fact.

What about jobs where I don’t need a tiltrotator? When I’m using a hammer for instance?
If you don’t require the fully-fledged tool carrier functionality that a tiltrotator concept like QuickChange affords, you can quickly disconnect the system from the safety of the cab, prolonging the life of the unit in the process. Indeed, the longevity of the product is another advantage. Thanks to the attention to detail in the design, our extensive testing has shown that the hydraulics on QuickChange offer significantly increased service life than other solutions.

A specially developed, more durable nose seal in the hydraulic coupling has, for example, minimised the risk of leakage and increased service life. The nose seals are also easily replaced without special tools. Not only that but encapsulated springs in the hydraulic coupling minimise the risk of contamination of the hydraulics in the event of spring fractures, whilst improved design of covers and seals protects the couplings against dirt and contaminants.

When will the new equipment be available from?
Rototilt QuickChange will begin shipping in April 2020.

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