Keep your assets safe over Christmas

Keep your assets safe over Christmas

With the Christmas period upon us, it’s important to make sure that your sites and machinery are secure, not only with an AMI security solution but also conventional security and visual deterrents.

The easiest of which is the entry and exit points to your sites, making it increasingly difficult to gain access to a site and remove any assets or machinery. We have seen time and time again via CCTV and eye witness statements that gangs can quickly gain entry to sites through traditional Heras fencing and chain locks with the help of a petrol saw, and that’s why (where possible) additional measures need to be taken. This could include blocking off the access points with concrete or stone blocks – which is a fast any easy solution for quickly securing a site.

Other quick tips include using larger items of machinery to “pin” smaller items into place, conventionally this has been an excavator boom into the bucket of a dumper. But the theory also applies to rollers and any generators or lighting towers, many of which could also be used to impede entry into any site cabins or storage containers.

One of our top tips is to turn on “ignition alerts” to any hard-wired telematics units. AMI actively encourages our users to turn on “ignition alerts” over the Christmas period to instantly notify key personnel in the event somebody tries to start a machine unauthorised.

Keeping areas well light and protected by clearly visible CCTV cameras are also deterrents, making the thieves think twice and possibly look for a softer target.

Be proactive, stay safe & enjoy the Christmas break!

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