Quick Quip: Conquip Serving the Industry

Quick Quip: Conquip Serving the Industry

Whether bespoke or off the shelf, the range of materials handling solutions supplied by Conquip will service a multitude of applications.

With adversity comes opportunity and that’s certainly the case for Hampshire-based, Conquip. Prior to the financial crisis, a company that was founded in 2003 experienced exponential growth in supplying construction equipment, sourced from various manufacturers.

When crunch time came in 2008, however, the focus shifted solely to making its own products and, judging from the level of activity at its extensive Alton production facility, it is a decision that has paid off for this still family run firm.

Today, a bulging product portfolio includes the Cantideck crane loading platform, and BulkX excavation system, a host of additional lifting, handling and storage solutions, together with excavator attachments, both for hire and sale.

Whilst standard products are, of course, available, Conquip prides itself on its engineering expertise, taking a consultative approach with its clients that is exemplified in the development of BulkX.

Crossrail was a project that stands tall as an example to the industry of innovation. The logistics of multiple site locations amongst densely populated inner city communities demanded new ways to expedite muck shifting operations more efficiently.

Minimal disruption to Londoners was the brief and it was Conquip who got the call, and the result was BulkX, a system that allows large quantities of material to be excavated and transferred directly into dump trucks.

“Crossrail’s Stepney Green site was the first time BulkX was used and it would ultimately save 12 weeks off the dig time,” declares Conquip’s marketing and communications manager, Josiah Fleet.

“Material was moved from the shaft straight to waste management vehicles, removing a whole series of existing processes along the way, and the contractor was very impressed with the productivity gains.”

With volumes ranging from 2,000 to 12,000 litres, material can be removed quicker with fewer machines on site and it’s not just in tunnelling operations where savings can be made. BulkX has thus far found a place in a diverse range of applications, from demolition to basements, and shaft sinking to cofferdam excavation.

In addition, because the gantry is compatible with a one-lane road closure, and there’s no need to stockpile material prior to its removal from site, this is a working practice that’s a perfect fit for sites with limited space and access.

Another Conquip solution which has found its true home in our crowded urban centres is the Cantideck crane loading platform – a product that Conquip Engineering Group has been supplying the industry since 2007.

Available for hire or purchase, this is a product which is often produced to the specific requirements of the contractor – the 100 Bishopsgate build in the square mile is presently making use of a 6metre projection unit, for instance – and provides efficient access to the different floor levels of multi-storey buildings for materials placement, and waste removal.

Its uses don’t stop there, however, and include façade installation and formwork striking, amongst many more. Cantideck is also available in a number of configurations, including a Fixed Flush unit where the loading deck is suspended from the base of the main load bearing beam, giving a level surface from floor slab to loading deck.

Clearly solutions like Cantideck and BulkX will service the larger contractor, but Conquip has certainly not forgotten its smaller customers when it comes to time-saving adaptations.

Business is extremely buoyant in Tipping Skips, for instance, and here as well the signs of engineering minds at work are in evidence in the finished product.

“Our Auto Lock Tipping Skip is now our best seller,” explains Josiah, “and we were, in fact, the first to introduce the system. When you insert the forks of a telehandler it will lock automatically saving time and allowing the operator to remain in the safety of their cab.”

Similarly, the companies new Power Brush, launched to market just this month, features a host of improvements compared to its predecessor.

Conquip’s equipment is about cost savings and productivity improvements for its customers and, with its simple hydraulic system with a single 1-way hydraulic valve, this new unit does just that, with a design that’s reduces wearing parts.

Not only that but the brush can be replaced in just 15 minutes, there’s more durable solid tyres and a large 250 litre water tank. Compared to hiring a road sweeper, simply attaching this unit to a forklift or telehandler to sweep and clean a site, is a cheaper proposition.

Whatever the size of the job, Conquip’s success stories demonstrate that engaging with companies like them at early stage of a project can make a real difference to the progress of the construction programme. As a result, seemingly simple solutions can make a real difference to the progress of even the most complex builds.


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