Generac & Trackunit A/S | All the right connections

Generac & Trackunit A/S | All the right connections

Generac Mobile has teamed up with Trackunit A/S to create an exclusive telemetry system for lighting towers

If you were asked to name the pre-occupations of the construction plant industry, then digitalisation would certainly be very high on that list. Information is power and, across any number of sectors, the generation and analysis of data is empowering jobsite managers to improve their processes.

With the launch of a new telemetric system, Generac is offering its customers the opportunity to remotely track, map and monitor industrial lighting fleets in real time. Using a laptop, tablet or smart phone, the Trackunit device allows operators to monitor the location of the lighting fleet with real time GPS tracking. Furthermore, for improved security across multiple construction sites, stakeholders can set alarms when they are moved outside of a designated area. Operators can further use the data to set engine alarms, monitor fuel levels and review percentage utilisation rates to ensure that products are performing as they should be.

Notifications and daily reports can be generated when service intervals are required, helping to maintain product efficiency. Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 has been enabled by blending manufacturing and industrial practices with technology. Optional features are available with the Generac Mobile system, which includes the ability for operators to control the engine remotely, and improve on site fleet utilisation and fuel consumption by making use of machines that are inactive.

The new telemetry system is available across all V20 tower lights and CUBE+ lighting towers equipped with Generac Mobile’s GTL01 controller.

About the V20 range
It’s the compact size and modular design frame – together with the efficiency of LED – that’s made the V20 Tower Light so popular. All products are equipped with an 8m hydraulic mast, low consumption engines and latest hybrid technology, as well as high-efficiency LED lights up to 320W. End users can also benefit from the GTL01 digital controller, designed exclusively for greater control of lights and engine performance.

Other products in the range include new fuel choices such as the V20 Hybrid unit, along with the intelligent iQ20 and the V20 Hyper model.

About Cube+ Next
The CUBE+ Next is the longest-range ecological battery powered lighting tower on the market. Offering up to 112 hours on a single battery charge, it is as powerful as traditional diesel-lighting sets but with zero emissions and noise.

Fitted with a dimmable switch, the unit provides operators with complete control over light output, improving power management and energy consumption on the 150W and 300W lamp head configurations. Whilst on a practical level, it also means users can set the lighting levels according to site needs and reduce obtrusive light pollution for neighbouring residential sites.

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