Hall Bros. forms project A-Team with expanding Bobcat fleet
Hall Bros. forms project A-Team with expanding Bobcat fleet

Hall Bros. forms project A-Team with expanding Bobcat fleet

Hall Bros. Ltd., based in Benfleet in Essex in the UK, is much more than a successful groundworks construction company.

The business specialises in all areas of general contract construction within the private and public sectors. No job (or client) is too big or too small for Hall Bros. and the company completes most of this varied work with an expanding fleet of different types of Bobcat equipment.

The latest Bobcat products have been supplied by Versatile Equipment Ltd, based in Borough Green in Kent, the Authorised Bobcat Dealer for Greater London and South East England. In order of their arrival at the company, the Bobcat equipment in the fleet now includes:

  • A T650 compact track loader with a 1 m self-levelling planer/sweeper collector/4-in-1 combination bucket/pallet forks
  • An E17z mini-excavator with height and slew restriction safety systems and a Bobcat breaker
  • A Bobcat ATR26 tandem roller fitted with an additional joystick
  • One of the first E88 mini-excavators in the UK, again equipped with height and slew restriction safety systems

Martin Hall, Financial & Operational Director at Hall Bros., said: “Our first Bobcat product was an S570 skid-steer loader, combined with a water kit and a Bobcat 450 mm planer attachment. Though we no longer have the S570, we still use the 450 mm planer for work in narrow or tight spaces.

“We have worked closely with Phil Stoneham at Versatile Equipment to make sure we have the correct Bobcat products in the fleet. In this way, we know that we can load up and transport all the Bobcat machines to site to meet the full needs of almost every project we undertake. This is especially important in our work for Network Rail and Greater Anglia where we tend to work at night under tight time constraints, so we need dependable, appropriate equipment to get the jobs done quickly and the Bobcat products help us always ensure high quality results.”

New Bobcat E88 Mini-Excavator
Though it is used for a wide variety of applications, the new E88 mini-excavator was purchased for a specific application in the rail industry – to lift and position concrete beams on level crossing jobs. This new eight tonne machine delivers outstanding performance, combined with compact dimensions, superb operator comfort and excellent stability with high digging output.

The E88 provides the operator with the full experience expected of a Bobcat R2-Series excavator, adding new features and options such as an optional fourth AUX4 auxiliary tilt coupler line, a fifth AUX5 hydraulic coupler line as standard and a longer undercarriage. Bobcat´s acknowledged productivity is coupled with smooth controllability thanks to low effort joysticks and intuitive 5- or 7-Inch displays, class-leading visibility and exceptional transportability for its weight class.

New Tandem Roller
The ATR26 tandem roller is another new product in the Bobcat range and is part of the company’s expansion into the light compaction market. Tandem rollers like the 2.6 tonne ATR26 model are used for compacting sub-base, asphalt or other ground materials. They are mostly present in small to medium commercial development sites and road construction sites. To offer increased flexibility for the Hall Bros. crews, Versatile Equipment has added a second, optional joystick on the roller, allowing operators to work on both sides of the roller and in both directions, when close to obstacles and the edge of roads and pavements.    

Martin Hall added: “With the addition of the new E88 mini-excavator and the ATR26 roller, we have an expanded group of Bobcat machines from which we can choose to carry out virtually any task. With the loader and the excavators, the flexibility they offer by being combined with a selection of Bobcat attachments such as the planers and the sweeper is immense. It is a fact that what you put on the front of the machine is often the most important element, especially in our work. So we are always looking to add new attachments that will help us on projects.”     

Approaching 20 Years in Business
Martin Hall formed Hall Bros. in 2004 together with his brother, Steven Hall, who is Managing Director. Today the company has 30 staff, working across the board, from excavation and maintenance work to coping stone installation and controlled deconstruction. Hall Bros. is a registered supplier under the RISQS Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme and is currently preparing for ISO accreditation.

Steven Hall and Martin Hall oversee the successful completion of all the company’s contracts and monitor all financial information. Working closely with the team at the company to ensure high standards for quality are met, Steven and Keith McKean ~ Contract Manager are regularly on site providing expert insight and advice to guarantee expected levels of excellence never falter.

 A former Corporal in the Royal Green Jackets regiment of the British Army, Steven Hall has been involved in the construction industry in one form or another since he was a teenager. After leaving the army in 1981, Steven developed his expertise in construction, demolition and asbestos removal before establishing Hall Bros. with Martin.

As Managing Director, Steven oversees the running of the company, provides staff with the resources to carry out their work safely and to the highest standards, and develops the culture of the company. Both Steven and Martin will always go above and beyond to complete a project on time and on budget, getting personally involved whenever necessary.

Martin Hall added: “We value our clients and suppliers; our company is grateful for every work opportunity and any company we collaborate with. Clients are particular important to us, and we have been fortunate in being able to work closely with both Network Rail and Greater Anglia on many projects.”

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