Nixon Hire announces major new order to further expand renewables fleet

Nixon Hire announces major new order to further expand renewables fleet

Nixon Hire, a leading provider of site equipment including plant, site accommodation and portable toilets to a wide range of industries has once again expanded their popular renewables division with the introduction of a brand new solar hybrid generator from Prolectric.

The demand for sustainable products continues to rise, with more businesses than ever before conscious about how they can become more environmentally friendly and in turn reduce costs. Designed to meet these very needs, Nixon Hire’s renewables fleet now boasts a large number of products, all of which have been designed to help customers to reduce emissions, noise pollution and fuel costs.

How has Nixon Hire’s Renewables Division evolved?
Nixon Hire’s renewables division was launched in 2018, with the introduction of the H20 Solar Pod. A self-contained unit which cleverly combined solar PV, battery storage, a back up generator and 400 litre fuel tank to sustainably power sites. Since then, the division has continued to thrive, with more and more products being added to the fleet year on year. The fleet now includes:

  • Solar Pods – boasting space saving retractable panels and able to sustainably power as many as seven cabins in the summer months. In 2021 alone, almost 3000 tonnes of carbon emissions were saved collectively across UK customer sites – the equivalent to planting over 124,000 trees!
  • Solar Welfarevans – a truly mobile welfare solution whose facilities include a full canteen, unisex toilet and more – with a roof mounted solar PV panel to give it eco-friendly credentials.
  • Solar Loos – self-contained and up to 96% CO2 efficient, these units produce sustainable free energy whilst providing high quality sanitary facilities.
  • Solar Street Lights – fully automatic and sustainable, they use solar energy to provide bright light through powerful battery powered LED bulbs whilst producing zero local emissions.
  • Mobile Lighting Towers – solar only lighting towers which provide an eco-friendly way to keep sites well-lit year round without generating harmful emissions.
  • Solar Smart Pods – innovative standalone solar charging stations with a back up generator and built- in battery bank – designed to charge small tools and electric vehicles on site.
  • Solar Smart Frames – groundbreaking plug ‘n’ play frames designed to make any 32ft cabin a renewable energy source. They can be roof mounted or freestanding and used in conjunction with Solar Pods to power whole site setups.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers – freestanding and weatherproof user-friendly units which offer a cost- efficient, environmentally friendly way to charge vehicles whilst on site.
  • Battery Banks – a range of models which can provide a cleaner alternative to powering customer sites – reducing or eliminating the need for a diesel generator.

What’s next for Nixon Hire’s Renewables Division?
Nixon Hire have just placed a major order with Prolectric to add the ProPower solar hybrid generator to their renewables offering.

Prolectric are experts in sustainable lighting, power and security. This deal sees two like-minded companies coming together to drive the industry towards a greener future.

Nixon Hire have made an initial investment in a number of solar hybrid generators and are ready to hire them to customer sites nationwide. With every solar hybrid generator hired, as a combined package, Nixon Hire customers will also receive a smart Erica Energy Management Tool to provide real time monitoring and data capturing. This powerful tool can help customers work out how to reduce their power wastage and lower their on-site carbon emissions.

Rachel Peen – Commercial Director, Prolectric: “We are honoured to be supporting Nixon Hire’s journey to becoming the greenest hire company in the UK. It’s always exciting to be working with a company that embraces innovation and sustainable change. Nixon Hire have already started collaborating with our R&D team and making a valuable contribution to our product development programme. This deal has the power to bring about change – helping companies and entire key sectors operate in a cleaner, greener and more innovative way”.

Nick Hibbard – UK Division Manager – Renewables, Nixon Hire: “It’s been fantastic to see the growth of Nixon Hire’s renewables division in just a few years. It gives me great hope and excitement for the upcoming years to see where we can take the industry in becoming more environmentally friendly! We are truly committed to helping customers reduce their onsite carbon emissions and our new deal with Prolectric allows us to add to this offering – a real positive for Nixon Hire and our customers.”

Nixon Hire, as always are currently trialling more exciting products to be added to their ever- expanding renewables fleet – more information will be announced soon.

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