Limitless launches fixed cost managed security solution for construction sites

Limitless launches fixed cost managed security solution for construction sites

Limitless Security has launched a new fixed cost managed solution for the housebuilding and construction industries. This fully managed service takes away the headaches and hassles involved in installing, managing and maintaining security equipment on building sites. It will enable housebuilders to reduce the incidence of break-ins, theft and vandalism whilst maintaining and managing the costs of security within acceptable limits.

This fully managed security solution includes detection, monitoring and response using a SIA-licensed security guarding service. It covers everything from risk assessment, the supply, installation and management of all equipment, including Limitless Security’s battery operated VIDAR motion detectors with integrated image verification. Also provided are site security signage, documentation of any events for evidential purposes and the provision of information to responding agencies.

“Our new service challenges the industry perception that the price of security may outweigh the cost of an intruder event. This is understandable when the costs of traditional manned guarding contracts and CCTV installations are taken into account,” said Adam Lees, Managing Director of Limitless Security. “We developed this fully managed service to meet the needs of housebuilders as it provides a complete solution for a single, fixed monthly cost to make budgeting easier and eliminate any unexpected additional charges.”

Limitless Security monitors all installations around the clock from its Monitoring Centre which reacts and responds immediately should a security event occur. When required, SIA-licensed security guards are directed to an event location and VIDAR captured images can be sent to their smartphones or tablets to assist with identification.

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