O’Malley Plant Hire Ltd takes delivery of UK’s first Yanmar C50R-5A

O’Malley Plant Hire Ltd takes delivery of UK’s first Yanmar C50R-5A

O’Malley Plant Hire Ltd has taken delivery of the very first C50R-5A tracked carrier sold in the UK. Retailed through Taylor & Braithwaite, Yanmar’s official dealer for Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham (including Tyneside and Teesside), the new model will be used for a wide range of earthmoving applications.

Added to the Yanmar portfolio in 2020, the next-generation C50R-5A can transport up to 3,800kg (standard) and 3,500kg (turning vessel). With a total width of 2.2 meters, length of 4.54 meters and ability to turn 360 degrees on the spot in seven seconds, it sets the standards for performance and productivity.

Featuring Yanmar’s Stage V-compliant 111hp (83.2kW) 4TNV94FHT direct-injection engine, the carrier delivers 410Nm of torque at 1700rpm. Fitted with a common rail system and full electronic engine control, power is delivered precisely when needed.

Recently delivered to the O’Malley Plant Hire Ltd Penrith headquarters, the C50R-5A is already proving a valuable investment. Tom O’Malley, Director, commented: “With demand for groundworks high, continuing to expand our fleet with the latest and most innovative compact equipment is hugely important.

“When we heard about Yanmar’s all-new Stage V-compliant C50R-5A tracked carrier, we knew it would be a valuable addition. The perfect partner for a six, eight or even thirteen-tonne excavator, its capacity, speed, power and capability guarantees maximum productivity. With carefully designed tracks and an innovative hydraulic tensioning system, it’s perfect for moving heavy loads without damaging the ground – an important feature considering most of our work is delivered in environmentally-sensitive areas.

“With site safety paramount to our daily operations, having the option of turning the seat 180° (to further improve visibility when reversing) is also hugely valuable. This, alongside a steel grid protecting the operator’s side, ground-accessible service areas and full ROPS/FOPS certification, makes the C50R-5A a great addition to almost every job.”

The C50R-5A is the fifth Yanmar model that Tom has purchased in the past 12 months, adding to the SV26, ViO17, C30 and C12 units he specified in 2020. He continued “We’ve used Yanmar machines for years and have always been hugely impressed with their performance, reliability and comfort.

“The C50R-5A is no exception. It’s the perfect blend of Japanese style and build quality, supported with state-of-the-art operator technologies and unique design features.

“We have a 2006 C50R-3 tracked carrier, which is still working flawlessly 14 years later, so we’re confident that the all-new C50R-5A will be another excellent purchase. What’s more, thanks to the support of Taylor & Braithwaite, we can be safe in the knowledge that our latest models are backed up by a knowledgeable and committed team.”

Ian Burton, Director of Sales at Taylor & Braithwaite, added: “We’ve worked in close partnership with Tom and the team for a number of years, providing class-leading equipment to suit a wide range of applications. The C50R-5A is an excellent addition to Yanmar’s compact portfolio and we’re confident that it will deliver over and above expectations for O’Malley Plant Hire Ltd.”

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