Prichard’s reaps benefits of versatile, cost-saving CAT 950GC

Prichard’s reaps benefits of versatile, cost-saving CAT 950GC

Prichard’s, a leading provider of construction and support services based in Llantrisants, South Wales has purchased a Cat® 950GC Wheel Loader in a deal with Finning UK & Ireland. The machine was chosen for its manoeuvrability, excellent visibility, and fuel saving benefits.

Dean Thomas, Plant Manager at Prichard’s Llantrisant branch, was looking to expand their current fleet, and add a versatile wheel loader that could be used in many different applications. The machine needed to be suitable for industries such as quarrying, mining and agriculture, and offer cost-savings to the customer.

After seeking advice from the Finning team, they decided to purchase the Cat 950GC in March 2019, and since its purchase the machine has been on hire at Project Yellow Recycling, a busy recycling site.

The wheel loader is an ideal solution for transporting loose material, loading machines and general construction. Load sensing hydraulics only produce flow and pressure when required, lowering fuel consumption. To reduce this further, Engine Idle Management System (EIMS) reduces the engines RPM after a specified amount of idle time.

The machine also features a Ride Control System that improves ride, performance and load retention over rough terrain. This gives operators confidence to move at higher speeds in load and increase productivity.

To help utilise machine capabilities, the Cat 950GC is fitted with Product Linkã, which remotely tracks the machine and connects to the VisionLInkã interface. From VisionLink, machine usage, fuel burn and productivity are monitored. This information provides the Finsight team feedback and identifies parts that are nearing replacement or maintenance to be resolved before any machine down-time occurs.

Peter Bachelor, Loading Shovel Operator at Prichard’s, said: “For the last three months I’ve been driving the Cat 950GC and it’s proving to be a very reliable machine. We have been operating in a tight environment which has proved advantageous for a smaller wheel loader. Many wheel loaders would require a 20-point turn in this environment but the 950GC is able to manoeuvre small spaces with ease.

“The visibility throughout the cab has helped me operate the machine efficiently and safely. Many different lorries are moving around on-site which I need to accommodate for when driving. To help me further, the camera system is excellent as there is no glare from the screen providing me with perfect visibility all of the time to ensure safety.

“Also, the cab is large and comfy for long periods of time operating the machine. I’m inside the cab throughout the entire working day, so it is very important for me to be comfortable while operating. Before operating the machine, I must complete my pre-start checks. This has been made even easier than previous machines because everything is accessible, I do not have to lean into the machine to access anything.

“My experience with the 950GC has been great – it’s reliable, has superb visibility and maneuverability, and I’m looking forward to continue using this machine in the future.”

Dean Thomas, Plant Manager at Prichard’s Llantrisant branch, added: “We chose the 950GC for its versatility and low-operating costs. The 950GC offers a range of features and benefits for our clients in many different industries such as demolition, landscaping, mining and quarrying.

“We are very happy to add to our growing fleet with a machine that can serve so many purposes, and cost saving features such as the EIMS and load sensoring hydraulics allow us to pass these savings onto the customer.”

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