The Yanmar V80 compact wheel loader: fewer emissions, more power

The Yanmar V80 compact wheel loader: fewer emissions, more power

Designed with manoeuvrability and efficiency in mind, the V80 compact wheel loader is easy to handle, even when used in challenging conditions.

Fitted with a powerful Stage V compliant new generation Yanmar engine, the V80 delivers exceptional performance. With a focus on eco credentials, pollutants in the emissions are reduced by up to 90% via improved combustion and injection systems, alongside a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter as standard.

The V80 loader can achieve speeds of 20 km/h on the road (or 36 km/h in the high-speed version) has a tipping load of 3770kg and delivers 63HP. Operators benefit from 46.2 kW gross power (at 2,200rpm) and 241Nm torque (at 1,430rpm).

The parallel kinematics system allows you to lift a load quickly and precisely without constantly having to adjust the loading angle, leaving the operator free to concentrate on where exactly to set down the load.

The V80 has compact dimensions in all aspects; height (<2.7 m), width (<1.8m), length (<5.1m) and turning radius (track circle <2m) which contribute to high manoeuvrability.

The hydrostatic transmission delivers high power and smooth adjustment, giving the operator a high rim pull for effective pushing or digging and good travel performance even on steep inclines.

Numerous controls have been redesigned and rearranged for fast operation and improved machine monitoring. The 3.5″ display shows machinery and engine data while the modern menu guide is similar to a smartphone display.

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